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The materials below have been created on behalf of the MTA in order to provide information and guidance on different areas of telehealth, and considerations when creating a telehealth program. There are many resources available, especially since the expansion of telehealth during COVID, and many of them are referenced and linked to in the text.

For additional COVID resources, please refer to this page. ​

Telehealth Overview

This module provides an overview of setting up and conducting telehealth visits. Sections include: workflow considerations, legal and regulatory considerations, and a Montana-specific reimbursement details. 

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Ambulatory Telehealth 

This document contains information on setting up scheduled telehealth visits between two facilities. 

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Direct to Patient Telehealth 

COVID-19 led to the expansion of Direct to Patient (DTP) telehealth visits. Learn about how DTP telehealth differs from ambulatory telehealth, and get tips to increase the success rates of these visits. 

Working From Home

Acute Telehealth 

Read about a few specific examples about how acute telehealth can help improve patient outcomes and increase provider capacity and satisfaction. 

Hospital Corridor

Contracted Services

What types of telehealth do you need to outsource to vendors? This document details what to consider when it comes to provider services, hardware, and software and hosting products. 

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Remote Patient Monitoring

How does Remote Patient Monitor differ from traditional telehealth? 

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