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To advocate for and support the advancement of healthcare by the use of telehealth for the benefit of all Montanans.


To be recognized and utilized as a primary resource for the innovation, advocacy, access, and awareness of telemedicine in the state of Montana.



The Beginning

  • Group formed from OAT funding (developing telemedicine networks in Billings and Great Falls), Vision Net, and DPHHS. Originally called the “Montana Healthcare Telecommunications Association”

  • Collaboration with MMA and MT Legislature to develop Telemedicine licensure for state

  • Original payment parity with MT Medicaid, setting stage for other payers

  • First, “if not very first” statewide Telehealth Alliance in the U.S.


Coverage Parity

  • SB 270 in 2013: Coverage parity in state of MT for telehealth reimbursement

  • MTA By-Laws


Growing Membership

  • Membership grew, more statewide participants “dabbling” in telehealth, making MTA an “advocacy group of competitors”

  • NRTRC was developed & funded


MTA 2.0

  • Website Launched

  • COVID-19 brings telehealth to the forefront of healthcare

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